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70secCEO, listen to Carl Gould everyday. Carl had the vision to create and implement the farthest-reaching business mentoring organization in the world, and his methodologies are in practice in 35 countries. in 2002 he founded 7 Stage Advisors a Business Coaching, Mentoring, Performance Training and Growth Advisory company. Since then he has trained, certified or accredited over 7,000 Business Coaches and Mentors. 

Sep 8, 2022

  1. Over-deliver On Your Promise - Part 3

Hi everyone, Carl Gould here with your #70secondCEO. Just a little over a one minute investment every day for a lifetime of results.

Now, this is the second time in my life, I'm being called obnoxious, right? I had a flashback to earlier in my life when I was being reprimanded. I'm like, oh, no, what did I do wrong this time, right? Here I have another authority figure, another–what I felt was a superior, a guy in his 50s, you know, 35 years, my senior, and I'm a teenager here and I'm, you know, listening to this guy lecture me, he was a respected businessman in the area and here he was giving me a hard time. And he said to me, your pricing is obnoxious, you can't be this high. When you price, you've got to understand what your competitors are doing and he ripped into me for a good 20 minutes and I thought to myself, well, this isn't going very well, this, you know, let me just survive this meeting. Get the hell out of here, apologize on my way out, tuck my tail between my legs and just get out of here and because clearly, I seem to have offended this person who I've given a proposal to, and I probably am going to hear how I offended my client because this guy is not happy with my proposal. So the guy leaves the room.

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