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70secCEO, listen to Carl Gould everyday. Carl had the vision to create and implement the farthest-reaching business mentoring organization in the world, and his methodologies are in practice in 35 countries. in 2002 he founded 7 Stage Advisors a Business Coaching, Mentoring, Performance Training and Growth Advisory company. Since then he has trained, certified or accredited over 7,000 Business Coaches and Mentors. 

Aug 4, 2022

What to do with a Legacy Business

Hi everyone, Carl Gould here with your #70secondCEO. Just a little over a one minute investment every day for a lifetime of results.

What can you do with this legacy type business? You can pass it along to another generation, you can donate the business, you can will that business to somebody else, you can sell it, you can keep it as a cash producing annuity or a cash producing asset, even hiring or putting in place a CEO or executor or trustee to manage it as it runs on its own to support your causes for future generations. Which leads us to your final hire and your final firing. You know, you are a stage seven business regardless of your exit strategy. The moment you fire yourself from the position of CEO and you hire and put somebody in that place and the business runs every bit as good if not better in your absence in perpetuity.

Like and follow this podcast so you can learn more. My name is Carl Gould and this has been your #70secondCEO.